"SUMMARY REPORT – Relaunching relations between Latin America and the European Union. Strategic autonomy, advanced cooperation and digital, environmental and social recovery"

This report is based on the work published in Sanahuja, J.A. (ed.): Relaunching Relations between Latin America and the European Union: Strategic Autonomy, Advanced Cooperation and Digital, Environmental and Social Recovery, ed. Fundación Carolina, Madrid, 2022.

All are the result of the project developed by the Fundación Carolina under the auspices of the Fundación ICO and were presented and discussed at an international seminar held at Casa de América in Madrid on 30 November and 1 December 2021. The summary of these papers was provided by Jorge Damián Rodríguez Díaz, lecturer and researcher at the International Studies Programme, University of the Republic of Uruguay, and doctoral fellow of the Fundación Carolina.